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Main Church Floor Replacement


“The Church, through the ordering of the church building and her divine services, acts upon the whole man, educates him wholly: acts upon his sight, hearing, smelling, feeling, taste, imagining, mind and will, by the splendor of the images, and of the building in general, by the fragrance of the incense, by the veneration of the gospels, cross and images, by the singing, and by the reading of the scriptures.”
-St. John of Kronstadt

Dear Faithful Stewards, Friends and Supporters of the Parish of St. John the Baptist, 

A new ecclesiastical year is approaching and with it will bring new endeavors for our parish and all its ministries.  With the Lord’s blessing and the support of our stewards, they will be fulfilled. 

One such new project is the replacement of our main church flooring.  We ask for your assistance for a special request and hope that you will open your hearts.  The floor in the main church is in desperate need of repair.  We have received bids to replace the current carpet with a combination of marble and durable carpet tile.  The cost of this project is not to exceed $75,000.  The existing carpet is severely buckled resulting in ripples throughout the church which present a tripping hazard to those worshipping in our church.  To prevent injury to parishioners, replacing the carpet has become a priority and we need the assistance of many to complete this project.  

At this time, we offer to you this important opportunity to support our church.  If you are able to assist our beloved parish St. John the Baptist with your financial commitments, and contribute towards the replacement of the current carpet, click here and select Main Church Floor on Give To.  We thank you in advance for your consideration and support.


May the grace of our Lord bless you and your loved ones and may our patron Saint, St. John the Prophet, Forerunner, and Baptist, continue to intercede on your behalf. 


Yours in Christ, 

Fr. John Rallis                Jerry Pavlatos                      
Protopresbyter              Parish Council President    


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