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Stewardship 2021 Letters

Stew 2021 Letter English.jpg
Stewardship Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, Son Of God, Have Mercy On Me. You are the Good Steward, who redeemed Adam and Eve of their failed stewardship by offering Yourself for the life of the world. You taught us in the feeding of the multitudes that whatever we give to God is returned to us multiplied. You praised the good and faithful servants in the parable of the talents who returned to the Master their gifts. Help us to become better stewards of all that we have been blessed with, and give thanks, praise and glory to You, together with Your Father, who is from everlasting and Your all holy good and life-giving Spirit,  now and ever and onto the ages of ages. Amen.

Stewardship Wisdom

Neither God nor the saints, of course, need the honor which we offer them, be it by means of icons, or by means of hymns and music. But it is only proper for us to do so, as the adoration of God and the admiration of His saints are expressions of a soul that sees and loves the beauty of holiness, of spiritual perfection, and feels grateful to the Deity and to the holy men and women for their many benefactions to mankind. Such a response is not merely something proper for us, but is also conductive to our salvation.  "I enter the common place-of-therapy of souls, the church, choked as it were by the thorns of worldly thoughts. The bloom of painting attracts me, it delights my sight like a meadow, and secretly evokes in my soul the desire to glorify God. I behold the fortitude of the martyr, the crowns awarded, and my zeal is aroused like fire; I fall down and worship God through the martyr, and receive salvation."  John Damascene