The Athletics Ministry offers the opportunity for athletes to compete in the G.O.A.L. Basketball Program and the Metropolis of Chicago Jr Olympics! Want to compete? Check out the athletics website for more information! Questions? Contact the Athletic Director Joanna Psyhogios at

Church Bookstore

The church bookstore at St. John the Baptist continually tries to research Orthodox Christian materials and then make them available in the bookstore. We especially look for new items. One of our greatest source of suggestions comes from our own parishioners. Our bookstore offers a variety of Orthodox Christian books, icons, children’s books, prayers books, lives of saints, books in Greek, coffee, greeting cards, bibles and much more. The church bookstore also has an online presence at:

Church Office

The Church Office is here to serve priests, parish council, parishioners, ministry leaders, employees and staff, visitors, and callers. We welcome Office Volunteers to help. Do you have a little time to dedicate? Are you a college student or a teacher who can volunteer in the church office during the summertime?  Email Angela to be added to our Office Volunteer list.


Why Iconography? A Committee that meets to coordinate parish gatherings in order to share inspirational and educational aspects of the meaning and importance of icons within our Orthodox Faith.  Our goal is to create awareness of the importance of Iconography throughout our parish and to inform them of the exciting Iconography initiative taking place in our Guardian Angel Chapel.  For more information please contact Maria Karkazis or at (847)331-8633. Visit also the Iconography page.


IOCC Celebrates 26 Years:  

Inspired by Faith, Driven by Purpose

On March 10, 1992, Orthodox Christian leaders came together to form International Christian Charities (IOCC) to be a hand of compassion reaching out to those in need in times of war, civil unrest, natural disaster, and economic hardship.  IOCC is the official humanitarian relief agency of the Assembly of Canonical Bishops of the United States of America. Since their first airlift to Russia in 1992, IOCC has grown into a professional relief and development agency serving people in more than 60 countries by providing over $600 million in program services.
IOCC, in the spirit of Christ’s love, offers emergency relief and development programs to those in need worldwide, without discrimination and strengthens the capacity of the Orthodox Church to so respond.
For additional information and for ways to get involved, visit or contact Eva Economy at


Click here for a YouTube to see a very informative video about how IOCC helps families in Greece.


Jr. GOYA is a youth ministry for youth in grades 6th - 8th. Jr. GOYAns will continue to learn about the Orthodox faith and how to apply these teachings in everyday life to become Christ-like. We typically meet every other Tuesday from 7-8:30pm.  For more information, please contact Anthoula Tsiampas or (847) 275.7415.


“Let all you do be done in Love”

1 Corinthians 14:16


The Philoptochos Society is the
Philanthropic Arm of the Greek Orthodox Church


Our Ladies Philoptochos Society of St. John the Baptist welcomes all ladies of our community to join together in continuing the charitable work that began here over 60 years ago.  Our chapter is composed of a vibrant group of women of all ages coming together in sisterhood to accomplish our mission of helping those in need with love and compassion.  See our mission statement here.

Board of Directors


  • Kathi Stamatis, President

  • Linda Karras, First Vice President

  • Vickie Syreggelas, Second Vice President

  • Cathy Tshilds, Treasurer

  • Tina Psyhogios, Assistant Treasurer

  • Lena Milissis, Recording Secretary

  • Laura Paulus, Corresponding Secretary

  • Cathy Athans, Good Samaritan

  • Maria Bouloulis, Membership

  • Nikki Foutris, Prison Ministry

  • Angie Gelis, Membership

  • Georgia Gerick, Publicity

  • Youla Karanikolas, Membership

  • Pat Kladis, Nursing Home

  • Kiki Michalakos, Avenues to Independence

  • Mary Pagones, Nursing Home

  • Kathy Pappas, College Outreach

  • Elizabeth Peroulas, Avenues to Independence

  • Maryann Ralle, Outreach Liaison

  • Vivi Topalis, Cards

  • Sophie Toulon, Historian

We encourage EVERY woman, age 18 and over, at St. John the Baptist to help us in our efforts to bring Christ’s love to those in need.  Joining is easy!  Click here to join (or to make a donation online) or contact us at or call our president, Kathi Stamatis at 773-230-2370. 

Our Philanthropic Endeavors

•    St. John the Baptist Parish Families in Need
•    Women and Children in Need
•    Helping those that call for assistance
•    The Greek American Rehabilitation & Care Center
•    Philoxenia House and Ministries
•    St. Basil’s Academy
•    Sponsor Priests in Central America
•    Aid to Greece and Cypress
•    Feed the Hungry at the Cathedral
•    Groceries for Des Plaines area residents
•    Project HOPE
•    Holy Cross Hellenic College
•    Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC)
•    Martha and Mary Maternity Ministry
•    International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)
•    St. John the Baptist Parish and Ministries
•    Scholarships based on Financial Need
•    Our Guardian Angel Orthodox Day School
•    Our Sunday School
•    Our Pythagoras Greek School
•    And many more 


Building & Grounds

The Building & Grounds Committee oversees all activities associated with the operation, maintenance, safety and security of all buildings, grounds, furnishings and equipment owned by the church, except items expressly the responsibility of another committee.  As needed, the Building Committee assists the Priests and Education Ministries’ directors on matters relating to the building, facilities, and grounds.  Its ultimate responsibility is Taking care of HIS Home.  A Facilities Request Form (FRF) is required for any event or meeting being held at the church facilities.  Click here for the FRF.

Church Library

Welcome back for the Fall 2019 school year!  The Church Library, which is open at your convenience by appointment, has some new acquisitions of Greek Orthodox books for you (and your children!) to check out.  Contact librarian Lambrini Papangelis (

Guardian Angel Orthodox Day School (Preschool-8th Grade)

Day School: GAODS was founded in September 1999 as an Orthodox Christian preschool. Through God’s grace, GAODS has grown into a Pre-K through Grade 8 elementary school. Our goals are to provide an education that is both academically excellent and rooted in the Orthodox Christian faith, and to lay a foundation for our students’ lives: intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually—that will allow them to reach their full, God-given potential. 

Preschool: With great awe to our great God and with deep reverence toward a Christ-centered child development, the Guardian Angel Orthodox Preschool welcomes you. We are committed to securing a strong spiritual foundation and high learning standards.  Through creative expression, children experience development of their physical, motor, visual, and auditory skills.  The learning curriculum allows for social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth.  Education takes the form of knowledge and truth. As a result, the children grow to be fruitful in every good work (Dewey, Piaget, & Vygotsky). Our goal is to educate the whole child in a program that provides a stimulating learning environment and the opportunity to discover the Orthodox Christian Faith. Our quality program offers a structured curriculum for 3, 4, and 5-year-old children.  Self-expression and socialization are emphasized through music, arts & crafts, stories, fine/gross motor skills activities, and hands-on manipulatives. Academics and socialization, as well as our Orthodox faith, are the focus of our preschool program.  It is our belief that children learn best through engaging exploratory activities.

Contact the director, Maria Kroll and visit:

Jr. Choir

Junior Choir is for registered members of the Sunday School in grades 6-12. Boys and girls are welcome to join! The Junior Choir chants the Divine Liturgy in the Guardian Angel Chapel every Sunday during the Sunday School year, as well as special services during Great Lent. The mission of the Junior Choir is to teach the youth of our parish the traditional Byzantine music of the Orthodox Church. Click here to email Elena Stavropoulos with any questions. You may also visit the Jr. Choir website here.

Martha & Mary Women's Study Group

Women's group for all ages meets for Orthodox Christian reading, discussion and fellowship. Wednesday mornings 9:45 - 11:15am. Contact Presvytera Irene Rallis.

Greek School
Πυθαγορας Logo.png

Our "Pythagoras" Greek School of St. John the Baptist is a student centered school, embracing Greek educational principles and values and it continues to meet the needs of its ever-growing community, representing the latest approaches in learning and language acquisition. For over 55 years our school continues to thrive and achieve its overarching goal: To create an enjoyable learning experience that instills the understanding, enthusiasm and appreciation for the Greek language and heritage while it provides all students with the highest quality of learning. Our hand picked faculty members, with advanced studies in education, are all dedicated and highly competent teachers. They are committed to helping our children develop an understanding of their heritage and cultural identity.

Our children are offered the opportunity to learn about our Greek Orthodox faith, culture, heritage, and language in a safe, nurturing and pleasant environment. Contact the principal Georgia Katsis and visit the Greek School website.

Sisters of Faith

The Sisters of Faith is a ministry for young women from 6th grade to 12th grade. Our goal is to have all involved to better love and serve God, our church, our family, and others. We try and meet monthly with a variety of topics and activities. In the past these have included: decorating icons, discussion on media & technology, making artoclasia, book discussion, crocheting scarves, cider and hot cocoa and panel discussion with three presvyteres and more.  Contact Pat KladisKaterina Rallis or Angela Sinzianu for more information.

Vacation Church School

Vacation Church School is a 1 week, half day program offered at St. John's every summer for children entering kindergarten through 8th grade. Each summer a different topic related to our church is presented to the children. The children divide off into age groups and learn from their teachers about the chosen topic. This past summer the topic was Archangels. The children participate in an art activity, along with music, and gym time. Lunch is also offered to the children and they leave each week with various projects they have done throughout the week. The children really enjoy this blessed week together. Save the dates for this year's VCS: June 18 - June 22, 2018! 


YAL is a young adult ministry serving ages 18-35 through a variety of religious, service, and social opportunities. We have different events each month. For more information and for the 2018-2019 schedule please email Ellena Foutris. This picture is in front of the Archdiocese in New York from the YAL Summer 2018 Trip.