On this page you will find good resources, articles, links, etc. recommended by our parish priests. Check back periodically.


Orthodox Faith for Teens

The FAITH is a weekly bulletin for Orthodox teens containing artciles by our Metropolis clergy, along with resources on the weekly gospel, our hymns, saints of the day, and a variety of topics.  You can click here for the current issue and click here for the archived issues.

Lord's Voice

Find the latest issue of the Lord's Voice from the Church of Greece in English here. Click on the image above.

A great website with spiritually beneficial articles in English recommended by Fr. John. Click on the image above.

Challenges of Technology

On Thursday, February 16, 2017 we held a presentation led by Deacon Perry Hamalis on the Promises & Perils of Technologry. This presentation was a short version of an entire conference held in South Korea.  Click on the logo above.


Recommended by Fr. John, a great website with ecclesiastical articles in Greek for the Greek speaking faithful. Click on the image above.

Φωνή Κυρίου

Find the latest issue of the Lord's Voice from the Church of Greece in Greek here. Click on the image above.

Website filled with articles, pictures, videos, etc. in Greek. Click here for the Greek. However, there is an option to connect to an English version, as well as Russian, Romanian and Georgian.


Link to a good homily from a homilist in Greece about Raising Children & Parenting. English subtitles are available. Click on the image above.

Mission Team Chicago supports OCMC

On Thursday, February 23, 2017, Rev. Dr. Michael Oleksa addressed the annual benefit for OCMC sponsored by Mission Team Chicago. Fr. Michael spoke on "The Missionary Importance of the Alaskan Saints Today." Click on Fr. Michael's picture above for a link to his talk.